Studio Volta Photo

In celebration of Sanlé Sory’s debut gallery exhibition (Spring 2018), Yossi Milo Gallery and Tezeta are proud to announce the publication of Studio Volta Photo, a limited edition book of Sory’s iconic studio portraiture dating from the 1960s – 80s. Featuring never before seen images curated from the photographer’s archive of vintage negatives, Studio Volta Photo is produced in a limited run of 500 copies. A special edition of 100 within the overall set includes a signed and numbered gelatin silver print.

Published by Yossi Milo Gallery and Tezeta, 2018
Editing and creative direction by Sébastien Girard
76 pages, risograph printing
Spiral-bound in slipcase
Edition of 500
Signed by the Artist

Special Edition of 100 with signed and numbered Gelatin Silver Print

A limited number of copies remain available at the gallery. To order, please email, or call the gallery at 212-414-0370.

Sanlé Sory: Volta Photo

The studio photographs of Sory Sanlé and his participation in the vibrant music scene in Bobo-Dioulasso give us a picture of a cosmopolitan city shaping its independent identity in the 1960s through to the ’80s, the heyday of West African independence movements. Vintage photographs, seven-inch record sleeves and studio accessories are all reproduced in the most extensive portrayal to date of photography and music as key popular art forms with local, national and international resonance. With the colorful full title of Volta Photo: Starring Sory Sanlé and the Good People of Bobo-Dioulasso in the Small but Musically Mighty African Country of Burkina Faso, this book accompanies the artist's major solo exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago. It includes essays on photography and sound in Africa as well multiple interviews with the artist and curators of the exhibition.

Published by Steidl, 2018
184 pages, 100 images
Hardback / Clothbound
7 1/2” x 10” (18.5 x 25 cm)
Text in English
Signed by the Artist

ISBN: 978-3-95829-400-4

Volta Photo 1965-85

Sanlé opened his Volta Photo portrait studio in 1965 and, working with his Rolleiflex twin-lens, medium-format camera, Volta Photo was soon recognized as the finest studio in the city. Voltaic photography’s unsung golden age is fully embodied by Sory Sanlé: his black-and-white images magnify this era and display a unique cultural energy and social impact.

This is the first monograph on Sanlé’s work, which examines the natural fusion between tradition and modernity. Sanlé documented the fast evolution of Bobo-Dioulasso, then Burkina Faso’s cultural and economic capital, portraying the city’s inhabitants with wit, energy and passion. His work conveys a youthful exuberance in the wake of the first decades of African independence. In many ways, Sanlé’s subjects also illustrate the remoteness and melancholy of African cities landlocked deep in the heart of the continent.

“Mr. Sanlé’s work documenting the cultural scene is reminiscent of that by Malick Sidibé and Seydou Keita ... and now it is his turn to be lionized.” –The New York Times

Published by Reel Art Press and Morton Hill, 2017
9 1/2” x 8" (20 x 24.5 cm), 80 pp., 77 ills.
Text in English
Signed by the Artist

ISBN: 978-1909526525