Shikeith at The Baker Museum

Manny (In Possession) (2020) and O' my body, make of me always a man who questions! (2020) by Shikeith are featured in the exhibition Invisible Thread at The Baker Museum in Naples, FL. The exhibition highlights artists whose work deals with themes of spirituality, transcendence, and the subconscious. Featured alongside Shikeith is a variety of artists working in multiple disciplines, including Natalie Ball, Awol Erizku, and Jeffrey Gibson, among others. The exhibition will remain on view through July 24. For more information, please visit the museum website.

Shikeith in Aperture Magazine

Shikeith is featured in Aperture Magazine’s Spring 2022 Issue. Tracing the artist’s expansive career, Tiana Reid writes “The opera, oceanic and spiritual, marks a turning point in Shikeith’s career as he actively tries to renew his established practice. Shikeith is best known for formal portraiture, crisp images of Black figures executed with conceptual clarity, but his perspective is an intense, enveloping, and often experimental style.” To read the full essay, please visit the Aperture website.

Nathalie Boutté at Worcester Art Museum

Work by Nathalie Boutté was featured in the exhibition Us Them We: Race, Ethnicity, Identity at the Worcester Art Museum, MA. The exhibition features artists who explore identity through four main formal devices: text, juxtaposition, seriality, and pattern. Boutté’s work is featured alongside works by Lorna Simpson, Byron Kim, and Roberto Lugo, among others. Fore more information, please visit the museum website.

Ezra Stoller at Cooper Union School of Architecture

Ezra Stoller: Photographs of Architecture, an exhibition of sixteen photographs by the artist, was featured at the Cooper Union’s School of Architecture. Arthur Drexler—former Director of MoMA’s Department of Architecture and Design—once noted, “Ezra Stoller’s photographs are now part of the history of modern architecture in the United States...For better or worse, his photographs have been more real to architectural students, and more intensely experienced, than most of the buildings they memorialize.” Following the exhibition, the photographs will remain on view in the school's Foundation Building.

Alison Rossiter, Marco Breuer, Matthew Brandt at Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery

Photographs by Alison Rossiter, Marco Breuer, and Matthew Brandt were featured in the exhibition In Process: Experimental Photography from the Collection of Mark Nevins ‘86 at the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery at the College of the Holy Cross. The exhibition featured an array of artists working with the medium of photography in diverse, innovative ways. For more information, please visit the gallery's website.

Sanlé Sory at Victoria & Albert Museum

Sanlé Sory’s photograph Je Vais Décoller (1977) is featured in the Victoria & Albert Museum’s exhibition Africa Fashion this summer. Spanning nearly a century, the exhibition explores Africa’s fashion scene through more than 250 objects on display, including photographs, textiles, and music. Sory’s work, including Je Vais Décoller, captures the unique fashions of post-colonial Burkina Faso’s youth culture. To learn more, please visit the museum website.

Asif Hoque in Artsy

Before Sunrise, Asif Hoque's first solo exhibition at the gallery, was reviewed by Harley Wong for Artsy on February 23, 2022. Wong writes, "Ultimately, in his latest body of work, Hoque’s artistic explorations reach a crescendo, demonstrating the evolution of his oeuvre over the years as he continues to push his practice into new territory. Experimenting with light and color, Hoque’s once serene figurative paintings have transformed into grand and dramatic scenes swirling with palpable action." To read the full article, please visit the Artsy website.

Angela Dufresne at Albuquerque Museum

Angela Dufresne’s Love Streams on the Phone Too (2015) was included in the exhibition The Printer’s Proof at the Albuquerque Museum. The show centers around six print makers, placing their work in conversation with prints by other artists working in a variety of mediums, including Nick Cave, Jim Dine, Harmony Hammond, Donald Judd, and Susan Rothenberg. To learn more about the show, please visit the museum website.

Pieter Hugo in The Guardian

Pieter Hugo’s portrait of his son, Jakob Hugo (2020), was featured in From the heart: 10 photographers on the theme of love published in The Guardian on February 13. The article highlights photographers whose work deals with love in its many forms. In Jakob Hugo, Hugo captures his son in tears after suffering a minor injury, invoking the protective sort of love a parent feels for their child. Read the full article here.

Asif Hoque in Artnet News

Asif Hoque’s past exhibition, Before Sunrise, was selected as one of Artnet News’ “9 Events for Your Art Calendar This Week”. Neha Jambhekar wrote, “Hoque’s new work builds on previous imagery of deified brown male and female figures, lions, and vases with the addition of a dynamic new form, the Bengal tiger, and a softening of the surface inspired by Rubens’ sfumato technique.”

Meghann Riepenhoff at Eleanor D. Wilson Museum

Meghann Riepenhoff’s Chronograph #1 (2015-16), a thirty-two-page hand-bound cyanotype accordion book, was featured in What Photography Is, an exhibition at the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA. The show presented innovative photographic works of varying mediums, each of which responds to contemporary social concerns such as ecological destruction and the passage of time. To learn more about the show, please visit the museum website.

Matthew Brandt in Artforum

Matthew Brandt’s solo exhibition Carbon, Birch, Silver, Rooms at Yossi Milo Gallery was reviewed by Donald Kuspit in the February 2022 issue of Artforum. Kuspit notes “The artist is obsessed with mortality, concerned with not only the demise of nature but with the death of photography itself, a medium that, like us, has been slowly dying since its inception. Yet through all manner of aesthetic and technical daring, Brandt’s presentation deftly restores photography to creative viability.” To read the complete review, please visit the Artforum website.

Kohei Yoshiyuki: 1946 - 2022

Yossi Milo Gallery is deeply saddened to share the news of Kohei Yoshiyuki’s passing. Yoshiyuki was born in the Hiroshima Prefecture in 1946 and passed away on January 21, 2022. Now beloved as one of Japan’s most important photographers, the artist broke ground with his photographs taken in the early 1970s of couples engaged in sex acts in Tokyo’s public parks, often accompanied by voyeuristic onlookers. Our deepest sympathies go to his family.