Hassan Hajjaj at Fotografiska

A major solo exhibition by Hassan Hajjaj entitled VOGUE: The Arab Issue is on view at Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden, through June 7, 2020. Hajjaj’s mixed media works reference issues of cultural identity, stereotypes and appropriation in an increasingly globalized world by intermixing western symbols of high fashion and pop art with Moroccan consumer items. For more information, please visit the Fotografiska website.

Pieter Hugo in The New York Times

New York Times critic Siddhartha Mitter reviews Pieter Hugo's solo exhibition, La Cucaracha, describing how Hugo “designs his portraits collaboratively with his subjects, and the strong color and crisp shooting mostly honor them, especially the close-up frames that dispense with dreamlike stagings.” To read the full article, please visit the New York Times website.

Hassan Hajjaj at The International Center of Photography

Hassan Hajjaj's portrait of Cardi B is on view in CONTACT HIGH: A Visual History of Hip-Hop at the International Center of Photography’s new Essex Crossing home in New York, NY, from January 25 - May 18, 2020. The show surveys the evolution of Hip-Hop since its inception four decades ago, exploring the wide cultural and political impacts of the movement and the plethora of iconic images created along the way. Other featured artists include Janette Beckman, Barron Claiborne, Gordon Parks and Jamel Shabazz. For more information, please visit the ICP website.

Markus Brunetti and Ezra Stoller at Muscarelle Museum of Art

Photographs by Markus Brunetti and Ezra Stoller are on view in In Focus: New Acquisitions in Photography at the Muscarelle Museum of Art in Williamsburg, VA, from February 8 – April 7, 2020. In Focus presents recent additions to the Muscarelle’s photography collection, emphasizing the institution’s growing interest in diversity of photographic process and subject matter. Other featured artists include Julia Margaret Cameron, Kristin Capp, Duane Michals and Ruth Orkin. For more information, please visit the Muscarelle Museum website.

Pieter Hugo at Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

Photographs by Pieter Hugo are on view in New Works: 20 Years of Art Collection Deutsche Börse at The Cube in Eschborn, Germany through February 22, 2020. The works of the 14 artists featured in New Works explore the conditions of human existence, probing issues of identity and adaptation in a global context. Other featured artists include Jana Bissdorf, Hsu Pin Lee, Anders Petersen and Henry Wessel. For more information, please visit the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation website.

Myoung Ho Lee at Hayward Gallery

Photographs by Myoung Ho Lee will be on view in Among the Trees at Hayward Gallery in London from March 4 - May 17, 2020. The exhibition draws from a variety of artistic media to investigate the symbolic and aesthetic resonance of trees and their relationship to human civilization. Other featured artists include Robert Adams, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Tacita Dean, Peter Doig and Anya Gallaccio. For more information, please visit the Southbank Centre website.

Mark Ruwedel at Palm Springs Art Museum

Mark Ruwedel’s photographs are featured in Imaging Change: History, Memory, and Social Justice at the Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert, CA, through April 5, 2020. Using Dawoud Bey’s Birmingham Project as a point of departure, the exhibition considers photography’s integral relationship with collective memory and the past, from the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement to the present day. Other featured photographers include Eve Arnold, Walker Evans, Kora Ezawa, Vik Muniz and Lorna Simpson. For more information, please visit the Palm Springs Art Museum website.

New Pieter Hugo Monograph

A new book by Pieter Hugo, La Cucaracha, will be released by Editorial RM (Barcelona/Mexico City) in March 2020. The monograph features 54 images taken by Hugo in Mexico in 2018 and 2019, as well as texts by Mario Bellatin and Ashraf Jamal. For more information, please visit the gallery’s Publications page.

Angela Dufresne at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

Paintings by Angela Dufresne will be featured in Visionary New England, on view at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, MA, from April 24 - September 13, 2020. Visionary New England draws on the region’s longstanding history of visionary and spiritual social practices to offer a vision for future harmony between humanity and the natural world. Other featured artists include Caleb Charland, Anna Craycroft, Josephine Halvorson and Kim Weston. For more information, please visit the deCordova website.

Pieter Hugo at Pérez Art Museum

Photographs by Pieter Hugo will be on view in Allied with Power: African and African Diaspora Art from the Jorge M. Pérez Collection at Pérez Art Museum in Miami, FL from April 24 - July 26, 2020. Celebrating recent acquisitions to the Jorge M. Pérez permanent collection, Allied with Power underscores issues concerning race, representation, spirituality and more. Other featured artists include Firelei Báez, Elias Sime, Hank Willis Thomas and Kara Walker. For more information, please visit the Pérez Art Museum website.

New Ezra Stoller Monograph

A new release from Phaidon and the estate of Ezra Stoller, Ezra Stoller: A Photographic History of Modern American Architecture, by Pierluigi Serraino was released Fall 2019. Serraino, a practicing architect, author, and educator, guides the reader through a captivating history of 20th-century Modern American architecture, as seen through the eyes of the legendary photographer. For more information, please visit the Phaidon website.

Sarah Anne Johnson at Yale University Art Gallery

Works by Sarah Anne Johnson will be on view in On the Basis of Art: 150 Years of Women at Yale at the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, CT from August 28, 2020 - January 21, 2021. Honoring the 50th anniversary of coeducation at Yale and the 150th anniversary of the first enrollment of women students in the university’s fine arts program, On the Basis of Art is comprised of artworks by women from the Art Gallery’s collection. Other featured artists include Jennifer Bartlett, Eva Hesse and Maya Lin. For more information, please visit the Yale University website.

Pieter Hugo, Myoung Ho Lee and Alison Rossiter at J. Paul Getty Museum

Photographic works by Pieter Hugo, Myoung Ho Lee and Alison Rossiter are on view in Unseen: 35 Years of Collecting Photographs, at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA, from December 17, 2019 - March 8, 2020. Commemorating the 35th anniversary of the photography collection, Unseen creates a dialog between its ‘hidden treasures’, none of which have been exhibited at the Getty before. For more information, please visit the Getty Museum website.