• Matthew Brandt in Collector Daily

    Matthew Brandt's solo exhibition Carbon, Birch, Silver, Rooms was reviewed in Collector Daily by Loring Knoblauch, who praises Brandt's unique approach to photography, stating that “he has continually pushed the medium beyond its normal boundaries, making photographs that incorporate the physical attributes and context of his subject matter into the very fabric of the art objects he creates.” To read the full article, please visit the Collector Daily website.

  • Shikeith in Artforum

    Shikeith's performance, notes towards becoming a spill, presented at Performa 2021, was featured in Artforum. Rachel Valinsky begins her review with a glimpse into the performance, writing: "A gospel choir flanked an illuminated platform, giving breath to the ecstatic and vital choreography of four dancers, clad in diaphanous mesh costumes in various hues of blue that echoed the shifting luminosity of the sea and the sky." To read more, please visit the Artforum website.