Myoung Ho Lee at the 2017 National Gallery of Victoria

From December 2017 through April 15, 2018, Tree photographs by Myoung Ho Lee were displayed as part of the inaugural National Gallery of Victoria Triennial. The triennial brings together artists working in disciplines including photography, design, and architecture. Other featured artists include Olaf Breuning, Nick Cave, Yayoi Kusama, Ron Mueck and Paulina Ołowska. For more information, please visit the National Gallery of Victoria website.

Myoung Ho Lee at Kunst Haus Wien

Tree works by Myoung Ho Lee were featured in Visions of Nature, on view from September 13, 2017 – February 18, 2018 at Kunst Haus Wien in Germany. Visions of Nature contains photography and video artworks that examine the relationship between humans and the natural world. Other featured artists include Jennifer Colten, Michael Goldgruber, Andreas Gursky, Roni Horn, Michael Höpfner, Claudia Märzendorfer, Ola Lanko, Simone Nieweg, Donna Ong and Anna Reivilä. For more information, please visit the Kunst Haus Wien website.

Myoung Ho Lee at Savina Museum

A solo exhibition of work by Myoung Ho Lee was on view at the Savina Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea from August 31 – September 29, 2017. Camera Obscura, Camera Lucida and The Between or The Beyond includes work from the artist’s Tree series. For more information, please visit the Savina Museum website.